March 3, 2021

Learn to drive Hull Manual or automatic-ADI-Part 2 & 3 Training

automatic driving lessons Hull and surrounding

The New Part 2 Test

The new ADI part 2 test changes however, apart from the DVSA’s own website there appears to be little information available. First you will have the eyesight test next will be three tell me questions before getting in the car, such as checking if tyres are within legal limits for example, how to check oil levels etc..more importantly you will be asked two show me questions on the move and again for example, show me how to wash wipe the windscreen.


It is very important to learn the possible questions because, you will receive a minor for each one you get wrong. The last thing you want to happen is, you start the driving ability part 2 test with 2 or 3 minors, you only have 6. You will/ can be asked to bay park by driving in and reversing out or reverse in and drive out, parallel parking and or pulling up on the right hand side of the road, reverse two car lengths and rejoin traffic. There may very well be an emergency stop.

Independent Driving

You will be asked to drive for 20 minutes using either a sat-nav or road signs, the SE will use a DVSA sat-nav.

Remember at all times you will be expected to show good control and accuracy, consider others and anticipate situations from other road users. You won’t fail if you go off route unless you do something dangerous, make your apology and get back on track.

NOTE: Concentrate on the road not the satnav screen!

Try to relax before the test so not to let nerves get the better of you, as you drive think to yourself,  what would you advise a learner driver to do in each situation. I found a boiled sweet kept me from getting dry mouthed during the test, watch for speed limits, approach speeds at junctions etc.. If you make a mistake don’t worry you may not automatically fail unless it was deemed to be dangerous.

Enjoy your new ADI part 2 test and good luck.



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