March 3, 2021

Learn to drive Hull Manual or automatic-ADI-Part 2 & 3 Training

automatic driving lessons Hull and surrounding

The ADI Theory Test Part 1


If you are planning to become an ADI  then you need to pass a total of three tests, first the theory test which consists of 100 questions plus identifying hazard perception in video clips. The Multiple choice tests consist of 100 questions grouped into 4 sections of 25 questions each.

You must score 80% in each group and achieve an overall mark of 85% in order to pass. It’s possible to get a score of 94% and still fail if you are weak in a particular group of knowledge.

    • Road procedure
    • Traffic signs, traffic signals, car control, pedestrians, mechanical knowledge
    • Driving Test, disabilities, law
    • Publications, instructional techniques

You will need to pass 20 questions in each group, for example: should you pass 25,25,25,14 =94 will be a fail the minimum will be 20,20,20,20.

The first thing you must do is apply for your Criminal Record Check you can also see if you qualify by going to this link  more

When I was practicing for mine I used the website under this text and found it very helpful, I passed first time with a score of 90%. more  the great thing about this site is that you can choose the amount of questions to answer even do a 100 at one go if you wish.

I also used this website for free hazard perception tests more

Good Luck.



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