March 3, 2021

Learn to drive Hull Manual or automatic-ADI-Part 2 & 3 Training

automatic driving lessons Hull and surrounding

Automatic Driving Lessons Hull

Driving an automatic car is a far more relaxing experience for new drivers, prevents stalling at junctions, the car changes the gears for you giving you more time to concentrate on observations and steering.

Automatic driving lessons are available from us in Hull, Hessle, Beverley and surrounding areas.

We use modern  cars with the latest auto gearboxes, you will benefit from needing far fewer lessons  than in a manual car which, may save you hundreds of pounds.

Just remember, passing your test in an automatic car means you will not be able to drive a manual vehicle however, once you are more experienced you can upgrade by taking a manual test later.

You might be frustrated with driving a manual car in which case switching to automatic driving lessons may be the answer.

Why not book an assessment lesson for £25 and then decide if automatic driving lessons are right for you.

Frustrated with manual driving try automatic today. Call or text 07910 889205



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