We will do our best to book times to suit you. It’s possible to spread your course, it’s up to you. All our students get FREE access to Theory Test Pro. text your email address to request access and we will hook you up, app available Free. You are twice as likely to pass 1st time with theory test pro. Tel or Text 07928 828048 NOTE: INTENSIVE COARSES ARE FOR MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC CARS TYPICALLY CAN BE 12 HOURS PER WEEK OR TO SUIT YOU. WE CAN FIND TESTS QUICKLY FOR YOU. PLEASE READ REVIEWS. PAY A £100 DEPOSIT VIA SECURE PAYPAL TO RESERVE YOUR COARSE TODAY.


  • (A) 6 Hour Intensive £452 (Test fee included)
  • (B) 12 Hours Intensive £695 (Test fee included)
  • (C) 18 Hours Intensive £844 (Test fee included)
  • (D) 24 Hours Intensive £1190 (Test fee included)
  • (E) 35 Hours Intensive £2090 (Test fee included)
  • (F) 42 Hours Beginners Coarse £1926 (Test fee included)
  • (G) 48 Hour Extended Begginer Coarse £2175 (Test fee included)
  • (A) Ideal for drivers from countries outside the UK with home country license.
  • (B) Perfect to finish your driver training ready for test.
  • (C) Your midway through training and need to fast track to test.
  • (D) Your a quick learner and need a full license fast.
  • (E) Your struggling with manoeuvres and need extra help.
  • (F) Begginer but have some experience on the roads.
  • (G) Begginers from scratch who need help with confidence and anxiety.
  • (H) Begginers needing extra time and want to spread the coarse over a longer period..



Postponement or Cancellation of Lesson by Clients •At least two working days’ notice of postponement or cancellation of lesson is required. Please note that Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not counted as working days. Late cancellations or postponements will be charged for as specified in the Price List and Payment Details. •Such notice to the instructor (in writing, or by phone call or text message) shall be deemed to have been served on the day that the communication is received at the instructor’s premises where it will be timed and recorded, please read Click To View T & C